By Jonah

What is a tsunami?

A tsunami is a giant wave of water that is caused by an earthquake or a volcano eruption.

How tsunamis are created

1. There is an earthquake at the bottom of the ocean, on the sea floor.

2. Water comes rushing upwards to sea level.

3. When the water gets to sea level, massive waves get sent out in all directionslike a ripple effect, heading to land.

4. The waves start to build up on top of each other and when they get to land they are huge.

5. They dump beaches and leave buildings under water.

What to do if there is a tsunami?

If you are at a beach with a tsunami coming you will know because before a tsunami hits the water at the beach goes out a long way. When you see that happen run as fast as you can and try to get to higher ground.


What was the biggest tsunami?

The biggest tsunami ever recorded was 524 metres high above sea level. It was in Alaska and it was very strong.


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