Asking For The Perfect Parents



  • Warm fuzzy hugs
  • Patience
  • Caring
  • Friendly
  • Playful

Hours: All day everyday, working on the fly

Position Change

Over time it will get better/ easier, you will adjust to the life of being a parent faster than you think! It may take a little bit and you may have your good days and bad days with the kids but just give it 1, 2 or 19 years and it will turn out okay in the end!

Experience (Required)

A little Experience is better than none! Try baby sitting for some hands on time!


You will lose more than you ever earn!! Its all because of the type of carriage you would like or the type of car seat fits in best or even then type of dippers you want..Huggies or Pamper..theres $100 right there!


  • Give up your time for the babes time
  • Stay clam in high stress situations
  • Must provide food for the child
  • Share a bond with the child
  • Have a home for the baby

Responsible for:

  • Making the final and right designs
  • Never losing the child


  • Happiness
  • gets to love someone endlessly who will love you just as much!.. maybe a little more
  • gets to be proud of our child
  • you get bragging rights when your child does something great