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September 17, 2014

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Beards Get Farm

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The 200-Acre Dream

All their lives, Margaret and David Beard have dreamed of getting a farm. They dreamed it to be complete with animals, a farmhouse, and lots and lots of land.

As time passed, they hoped to be able to get one hundred acres, but realistically knew they might only be able to get fifty, or twenty, or maybe even two acres.

But on August 28, Margaret and David's dream became a reality when they purchased the farm of David's late cousin Franklin.

The farm they have now includes two hundred acres, a farmhouse built in the eighteen hundreds, and a slightly dilapidated barn. In addition, the farm came with a large drive shed and a blue pickup truck.

David and Margaret plan to update the house and work to renovate some parts of the barn. It's an immense task, but the Beards are not daunted. They go up to the farm, which is located in Durham, Ontario, whenever they get a chance. Early mornings and throughout the afternoon, Margaret can be found in the barn, clearing out old manure and debris as she works to make the barn suitable for animals again. David is working to set up a furnace and ensure that everything is in safe, working order.

Their children are equally excited about the farm. Patrick and Connor, away at university, get to the farm limited weekends, while Caelan now goes up most weekends with Margaret. Together with David, they are working to tame one of the stray cats hanging about the farm, a young black-and-white kitten named Alice (aka Patches).

Pictures from the farm can be seen above and below. Click to enlarge.

David Beard: Local Hero

It was another busy day at the farm for David Beard when he got a call from a neighbour down the road.

The neighbour's cow was in trouble, and he was wondering if David had a front end loader he could borrow.

David didn't have a front end loader, but he wasted no time in rushing to the scene. There, he helped the neighbour to get a distressed cow safely back on its feet, effectively saving the day.

What will he do next?

Empty-ish Nest With Boys At University

With their two sons now off at university, Margaret and David Beard find themselves with a (mostly) empty nest.

Patrick has returned to Ottawa, where he is in his second year at the University of Ottawa. There, he is completing a major in Criminology with a minor in Political Science.

Connor, meanwhile, has headed to London, Ontario, for his first year at the University of Western Ontario. He is currently majoring in sociology, but says that he will likely change his major for second year.

The youngest, Caelan, is finishing her final year of high school in Mississauga, so Margaret and David still have a year to go before they will truly have an empty nest with all three children out of the house.

Also back to university this year is the Beards' cousin, Nicole Does. In her third year at the University of Guelph, she is majoring in geography and is still riding horses. Rumour has it that she is learning to ride in the Western style, as opposed to the English riding she has done thus far.

A Visit in London

Before moving Connor Beard to university, Connor, Margaret and Caelan Beard all spent a night with Joanne Does, Margaret's sister. They enjoyed lunch with Peter Does, father to Joanne and Margaret, and his girlfriend Mary. They also enjoyed a cake, purchased by Joanne and welcoming Connor to the city of London.

Meanwhile, the dogs, Riley and Summer, enjoyed getting to know each other. Though reluctant at first to play with Summer, Riley eventually caved and the two tore across the yard together in games of tag.

Viewable below are some photos from the day and a video of the dogs playing.

Introducing Summertime

Welcome to Summer, the newest addition to the family!

A part of the Beards household since August 1, Summer is a golden retriever, now fourteen weeks old and weighing just under eighteen pounds.

Margaret Beard, former professional dog trainer, has already begun teaching Summer commands such as "sit," "off," and "come." Summer will begin puppy kindergarten this Thursday.