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A tragic fight in Galopagues!!!

Breaking News!! Theere has been a tragic here in your own. Yes folks, you heard it right!The evil villian "The great diasater" and her sidekick "The mini diaster"have struck again! Please stay in your house and don't let your animals (kids) out.they were seen fighting with the great super hero "The shifter" and her sidekick "Future girl", It all happend after they were making a freeze ray to freeze the superheros.Noone knows why or how they became enimes but,they are.It all went down march 9, 2385 the superheros and villians were batteling!As "the great diaster" was using her main power to make them confused!First a volcano then, the bottom of the ocean!Nest thing we know "The shifter" has a burn mark on her right arm from "The mini diasters" eyes! yes you heard it right her EYES!As they were sent of to venus they were being chased by his panic alien! " The shifter","The great diaster", "Future girl" were so glad that "The mini diaster" spoke sapnish! She talked to the aliens "estamos a que por bweno". The aliens then realized we were villans , they huttled up and whisperd.They all joined up into one hudge monster!There was aliens shooting lazers at us!Us two villians and two surperheros all stated scaredly"like a good neighbor statefarm is there"!! A statefarm agent showed up and, we went back to planet earth!!Which we clearly dearly missed.We never took a day for granted after that crazy day!Thus they four friends lived happily evr after!

THanks for reading!!!