Trail Blazer News

September 26th-30th

Student of the Week: Ford!

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Interview Conducted by our Communication Crew!

Gabby: What is the funniest thing that you did in your life?

Ford: Walked into a wall.

Gabby: What is your favorite color?

Ford: Black.

Gabby: Do you have a little brother or sister?

Ford: Yes, I have a sister.

Kiley: What is your favorite TV show?

Ford: Goosebumps.

Kiley: How many teeth did you loose?

Ford: 8.

Kiley: What is your favorite season?

Ford: Fall.

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What We Are Learning!

Reading: We are focusing on asking and answering questions while reading, and on identifying the setting of a story. Next week, we will read a nonfiction piece about the Appalachian Mountains.

Writing: Students are currently writing Personal Narratives using the writing process: brainstorming, drafting, editing, revising, conferring, and publishing.

Fundations: We are currently focusing on closed syllable words.

Math: We just completed our introduction to math tools and routines. Next week we will focus on addition and subtraction fluency within 20.

Science: We begin our weather unit.

Social Studies: We will begin our unit on maps.

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Important Dates

  • SEP 29 Thu 5:30 pm: International Potluck @ Claxton Cafeteria

  • OCT 4 Tue TBT: Fun Run Pep Rally

  • OCT 4 Tue 14th 8:00 am: Fun Run
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