5th Grade News

Ms. Collins/ Mrs. Dawson

-AR Goal Met:Amari Childs Makayla Hobbs Capri Johnson Rylee sims

Math Quarterly Goal: Josh Batzoid Jacque Brown Nicholas Brown Jack Rettman Amari Childs Tristan Deperalta Andrew Harmon Makayla Hobbs Capri Johnson Tee Tee Johnson Angie Perkins Abby Rock Rylee Sims Isaac Stout Kelyse Stewart


English Language Arts: Determining author's point of view and explain his or her purpose for writing the text.

Math: Fractions: Improper, mixed numbers, simplifying and adding with unlike denominators.

Science: Ecosystems in Missouri.

Writing: Students will be reading informational text, taking notes, gathering information and writing an informational report.

Social Studies: Thomas Jefferson and expansion of U.S.

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