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"The Bends"

As a scuba diver the bends is something you should really watch out for. Its called the bends but it also means decompression sickness. When diving too low in water for example 100 feet deep, If you are down too long the nitrogen from the air will dissolve in the water in the divers body. If the diver swims up too quickly to the surface gas is released. Doing that can cause a painful or fatal condition.

How to prevent "The Bends"

There are ways to avoid "The Bends". The diver has to come up slowly or make decompression stops (constant stops) on the way up so that the gas will release slowly instead of all at once.

"Air Embolisms"

When gas bubbles or bubbles get into the divers bloodstream it can cause many problems i the body. It could cause blockage in the blood supply to the organs. Also you could stat to have stroke like symptoms and possibly cardiac arrest if it makes its way to the heart.

"Oxygen Toxicity"

Oxygen toxicity can be caused if a scuba diver exposes them self to very high concentrations of oxygen by diving deep or mixing gasses. Toxicity occurs at high pressures above 1.4 atmospheres. Oxygen toxicity an be resolved by using tanks with a mixture of helium and oxygen.

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The information relates to the gas laws in many different ways. It relates to the Boyle's law because scuba divers descend the air and the cavities decrease in volume while the pressure increases. The information relates to the Charles law because a scuba tank is heated and the pressure would increase in the tank while the volume says constant. Lastly it relates to Dalton's law because the total pressure is exerted by a mixture of gases which is shown in oxygen toxicity. I Learned that scuba diving has a lot to do with chemistry. What we do in chemistry can actually help us in real life. Its certain jobs like scuba diving that knowing your laws are important.