By Bonnie Jackson

Theodor Seuss Geisel was born on March 2, 1904, in Springfield, Massachusetts. As a child he used to go to a zoo and would sometimes get to go into the tiger or lion cages because his dad helped at the zoo,and then would go home and draw some of the animals a t the zoo. They didn't always turn out the way he wanted to. His mom's favorite was an elephant that had ears that were 9 ft. long named Wynnmah. At age 18, Geisel left home to attend Dartmouth College, where he became the editor in chief of its humor magazine, Jack-O-Lantern. When Geisel and his friends were caught drinking in his dorm room one night, in violation of Prohibition law, he was kicked off the magazine staff, but continued to contribute to it using the pseudonym "Seuss."

After graduating from Dartmouth, Geisel attended Oxford University in England, with plans to eventually become a professor. While at Oxford, he met his future wife, Helen Palmer, whom he married in 1927. That same year, he dropped out of Oxford, and the couple moved back to the United States.

Dr.Seuss made a difference by being a role model, and inspiration, and writing children's books.

He is significant be helping children want to learn to read, and, making books easy to read for children. I would love to one day be like him, by being an inspiration, a role model, and being a loving, caring person, and having a love for children.

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