Four Corners

By Joe Menzer

How UNC, N.C. State, Duke & Wake Forest made North Carolina the center of the basketball universe.


College basketball is center In North Carolina. Why well there are four teams that made this happen and they are North Carolina, Duke, North Carolina State, Wake Forest. There were several people that were in this book say for a coach from this book would be Mike Krzyzeewski and a player from this book is Larry Miller. This had happen throughout the late 1900's. This all happened in North Carolina and it happened by these teams just dominating college basketball during this time period.They made this all happen just like I said by just winning titles and just dominating college basketball. But none of this would have happened if it wasn't for the players and coaches of these teams. "With Duke leading 71-42 , the crazies kept it up. Show no mercy!"


I choose this book mainly because I love just watching sports and learning about them but also I wanted to now how they became to be known as the top schools for basketball.Overall I thought this book was done very well I enjoyed almost every page of this book. The detail and how it just talked about all of the great players and coaches from these colleges. My Favorite part of the book was probably the pictures in the book of how they showed the players and coaches that the book was talking about. Also probably learning about some things that went wrong when it came down to recruiting. There was one thing I didn't like and it was just that there were just some things that you did not need to now at all. I give this book a 4 star just because at some points of the book it just kinda of lost me. Anyone that is really into college basketball should read this book.
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03/07/1993: #6 Duke Blue Devils at #1 North Carolina Tar Heels