Invisible Populations

How you can understand invisibility and being aware of them

Homeless people are invisible to the public eye

It is not common for people to think about invisible population. Even those who fear homeless people are in the few and more and more people are just completely unaware of their plights all together. But more importantly, they underestimate how many people are invisible.

What does it mean to be Invisible?

What is invisibly?

In this case, invisibility is when a person or group of people are not acknowledged by the public or not fully acknowledged by official bodies. This is why they are called "invisible populations" because the full scale of them are not seen and sometimes people are completely unaware of their presence. Because of this reason it's very rare for these invisible populations to appear in literature but it sometimes it does and portrays it extremely well. We see this in "the Circuit" by Francisco Jimenez where it shows a scene where a school bus goes by and they hide (69). This shows how they are invisible because the people of that neighborhood are completely unaware of them living there. Because no one knows they are there, but the person who hired them, they become invisible.
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How can you be more aware of invisible populations

Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

The struggles that arise in order to see invisbile populations

Truly understanding how big invisible populations are and bringing awareness to them is an extremely difficult task. This is because of the very nature of these populations that it is an struggle to be aware of them. To add to this it is also very easy for people to slowly develop habits of ignoring them which makes seeing invisible populations near impossible in our current state. If you go on the internet, you can find a wealth of videos showing how ignorant people have become to invisible populations. One of the more notable videos is of one where a person dressed up as if they were homeless and their family just walk right by him without realising it was him (New york city Rescue mission). This shows how hard it is to realize how ignored invisible populations are because if some of the people who should know him the best do not recognize him it shows that they just automatically ignore homeless people.

How all of us can be more aware of these invisible populations

To be more aware of these invisible population is going to be a tough struggle. Including the aforementioned reasons, there are several reasons that this will be a tough struggle. The one that has been extremely detrimental to making these invisible populations visible is the fact that this topic is not constantly on the lips of our government officials. But when this important topic is talked about by them,they often to undermine the situation greatly. We see this when the department of Urban development talks about the topic. because in the article "Homeless children" we learn that they gave an official statement where they said that there were 138,149 homeless children while other estimates say that there are 1.1 million homeless children ("Child homeless at record high, reports say, "call to action" for states Newsela). This shows that even the government, the people who are supposed to be dealing with these issues, are unaware of how truly big the problem at hand is.


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