Michael Buble

By Kelsey Wathen

Actor, Singer, Songwriter: he's out of the bubble and onto the main stage!

Michael Buble is a Grammy-Award winning singer/actor/songwriter. His nickname is Michael "Bubble" because of his last name, Buble. He steals the crowds attention with his jazz and soul singing. He has been placed top-ten in many countries for his albums. Not only has been placed top-ten but his albums have also been placed number 1 in Australia.
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Early Life

Michael Buble, the award winning, top album singer and songwriter was born on September 9, 1975. He was born in Burnaby, British Columbia Canada. Then became an Italian citizen. He started his career by going to a party where he met Michael Mcsweeney, Mcsweeney was so impressed by Buble's talent that he invited him to sing at his daughters wedding. Michael Buble took the offer. He performed in front of guest, David Foster, a Grammy-Winning producer and Warner Bros. music executive. Foster was amazed by Buble's talent. About a year later David signed Buble onto the 143 records label. Michael came out with many award winning albums and songs.

Musical Accomplishments

Michael Buble has been awarded many Grammy-Awards. He was also voted Best Talent at the Juno awards in Canada. His first album was named Number 1 in Australia and top-ten in the UK and Canada. His albums also went multi-platinum in many countries.

Present Life

Michael Buble is now married to Luisana Lopilato. She is a Argentina model. She is also 28 years old. Michael Buble is 40 years old. They have a son named Noah Buble. Their son in 2 years old.