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January 8, 2016

Building capacity in ourselves and others to positively impact student achievement

We are a professional learning community ensuring high levels of continuous learning for ALL


1. Here is the representation reading that we did yesterday at our IC meeting. This could be used as a learning tool during collaborative planning or during your PLC time.

2. Here is a guide to high leverage instructional strategies from Lead4Ward. These strategies can be used with all content areas. Rather than printing this document out for grade level teams, take a strategy or two to planning and learn together.

3. Please share information regarding TEMI, MSTAR, and ESTAR with your grade level teams.

4. Once you have worked with your AP to inventory the AIRR book for 3rd grade, please take that resource to collaborative planning with you.

5. The Advanced Math Learner contract has been loaded for 4th grade cluster 3.

5th Grade MATH Professional Learning: 1/14/16

We are looking forward to our PL via Google Hangout with you and all 5th grade teachers participating (including special program teachers and administrators). Below is a list of some housekeeping items that need to be communicated to 5th grade teachers prior to the 14th:

1. Workshop Registration: All participants will need to register on Workshop by the 14th at Please make sure special program teachers know about this as well.

2. Google Form: All registered participants will receive credit for the course once they complete a couple reflection questions. The form will be sent to participants through workshop email the day of the PD (that is why it's important they are registered).

3. Google Hangout: The PD will be conducted through the tool Google Hangout. One teacher will be the spokesperson for the team when we are interacting. Feel free to pull up on the projector. Your DLC will help with setting-up the team with Google Hangout before the PD date. Anyone participating in the PD needs to be together in one room since we have a limit on the number of computers that you can use Google Hangout at one time.

4. Representation Handout: please give the 5th grade teachers the Representation handout (attached above) to read before the professional learning.

Talk Read, Talk Write

  • Feel free to use the presentation Kelly shared at the IC meeting; or partner with your ESL teacher to dig deeper into these fabulous strategies!
  • Here is a video of the kindergarten using one of the Talk Read, Talk Write strategies.
  • Equivalent fractions TRTW lesson can be found HERE.


Stephanie Harvey Blog

Professional Learning - 7:20-8:20 - Admin Training Rooms
We will celebrate the successes teachers have had with implementing the ELAR cluster pre-assessments and the utilization of that data in developing common formative assessments. Teachers will need to bring (1) an example of how they have used the ELAR cluster pre-assessments to create CFAs and (2) a technology device. Please assist and support teachers as needed.