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River Delta India Company Overview

River Delta India (RDI) has been providing off-site development and support services since 2007. Our project management experience and commitment to client relationships enable us to provide creative and cost-effective solutions to our clients. The fact that we've repeat clients testifies that our customers trust us with mission critical applications.

With expertise in web application (specifically with Java, PHP and Microsoft platforms) and mobile application (Android and iOS platforms). Apart from custom solutions in different technology, we assist in QA and help desk solutions. With some of our clients, we've become partners in their IT group and dedicated team members working from our office for them.

River Delta India (RDI) provides that final solution you would come to expect from an IT Business Solutions Company. It seems like there is a new IT company starting almost every-day. One of the reasons to stick with us is that we have managed to retain our clients AND our in house team through these tough times. Our philosophy stresses on customer service, know-how, and that good old fashioned professionalism, just to name a few. Every project that we take on, is always customized and always starts from scratch.

Active Projects:

- Currently working on building an Android app for social networking group
- We've built Password Panacea (iOS and Android platform) for users to deal with their password headaches
- Working on a enterprise level project for MA based client using PHP & Drupal
- Dedicated team for Java resources
- Working on building a Rental Property Management Software.
- Working with a client to customize Quickbooks reporting using .net and SQL
- Doing rework for a client, who had issues with prior vendor - php, mySQL site

As they say proof is in the pudding, so give us a chance and we will prove it to you !!!


Android and iOS - Mobile application development, PHP, CMS (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Magento), Frontend theming, Backend module customization, E-commerce, Java, GWT, Google Map API, Web services, .net, C#, SQL Server, Bing API, CRM, etc.


1. Drupal Solution Provider

2. Mobile Development

3. Monitoring Services

4. QA Services

5. IT Support Services

6. Hire Dedicated Resource

7. Drupal Web development

Password Panacea

Remembering your strong passwords is now just a tap away!!!

Can you remember all the passwords, especially where you’ve one foreign key, one number, one alphabet and has minimum of 8 characters? Or do you have one password for all the sites? Can you still remember all of them when you’re forced to change password every 1 or 3 months and you can’t use the same password that you’ve used in last 10 times? Do you save your passwords in notes or excel sheets?
If managing your passwords is a headache, than “Password Panacea” is the medicine. Loosing password or resetting the password would be a thing of past.

Password Panacea not only remembers login credentials, it will make your task faster as it helps you input data into websites automatically. Strong Security features and user-friendly intuitive interface would make it easy to use this application. Password Panacea is like one safe deposit vault, where you’ve all your keys (passwords) and all you’ve to do is remember just one password.

Key features:

• All your passwords in one secure place.
• 256 bit encryption means all the passwords are safe.
• Log in to the saved sites from within the Password Panacea’s records with just one tap.
• Automatically fills up login details at all sites.
• Instantly searches records.
• No limit on the number of records you can create.
• Easy backup & restore.
• Share your secure information with the people you want.

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