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Learning...It's Personal

The Spring Break Edition

Learning...It's PeRsOnAl

The personalized learning team and administrators went to a personalized learning conference last week in Fond du Lac. The conference was informational to some extent and validating. I fully believe this is the right direction for us. After reviewing the below article, it is hard to argue with the thoughts and ideas talked about. As always, we will do this together. Over the next few years, we will talk about and begin to plan some personalized units. Many of you already do this to some extent. I look forward to this work together with you.

If you haven't done so already, please read/review this Step-by-Step guide by Barbara Bray that breaks down "Personalized Learning" into digestible portions.

HSSD Professional Development

Click Here to view the District PD offerings that were just sent out to you by Amanda Waldo! Sign-up will be available on March 26th at midnight via My Learning Plan. If interested, be sure to sign-up fast or you may see the dates/times close. As a district, we are trying to focus in our PD on the key areas we are backing. The great thing is that these offerings will be put on by our wonderful HSSD staff who understand what we are working on and where we are at with things.

Here is what you NEED to know:

  • Sign up for writing first!!!!!! To get the materials, you need the brief training.
  • If you did not get trained in Frameworks of Literacy, please look to sign up this year.

Student Teacher Opportunity

A note from a potential student teacher candidate, Shannon DeVillers. Please let me know asap if you are open to having a student teacher next fall.

Hello to potential overseeing teachers. My name is Shannon DeVillers. I am a certification only student at UWGB for Elementary Education. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors in Psychology and Human Development and had begun a Master's Program in Mental Health Counseling. Due to some life events, I decided to stop my Master's Program and go back to school for teaching. I am married and just had our first child on the 5th. During the course of my schoolwork in the Education Program, I have developed an interest in being able to learn how to adjust lessons and approaches to learning in order to reach all students. Because literacy is such an important part of education, I am also interested in learning how to integrate literacy into different parts of the school day in fun and interesting ways. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Again, if you are interested, or would like to know more about Shannon, please let me know. This would be a 9wk placement in the fall.

Inspirational Words from Jan Richardson!

Literacy Tip of the Week: Week of February 22nd

posted Feb 25, 2015, 10:51 AM by Courtney Richardson

Prompting During Reading

Prompting during reading is one of the most powerful and also challenging parts of the guided reading lesson. When working with emergent and early readers, I often prompt the student to use the information system he or she is ignoring. For example, if the student makes an error that makes sense such as "hidden" for "hiding", I might say, "Does that look right? CHECK it with your finger." On the other hand, if the student makes an error that does not make sense such as "rist" for "raised", I would say, "Does that make sense? Think about the story." Something else that helps me select powerful prompts is to consider the following hierarchy of strategic processing:

- monitor for meaning

- decoding

- fluency

- vocabulary

- comprehension

If the student ignores meaning, I prompt for that strategy. If the student stops and monitors the error but needs help decoding the word, I use decoding prompts. If the reading is accurate but SLOW, I prompt for fluency. If the reader is accurate and fluent, I consider prompts that teach vocabulary or probe for deeper comprehension. If you find there is nothing for you to scaffold, you might have chosen a book that is too easy.

You will find the specific language to use with each of these prompting areas on page 295 of my book. What you say matters!

Literacy Tip of the Week- Week of January 11th

posted Jan 11, 2015, 6:52 AM by Courtney Richardson [ Jan 26, 2015, 7:50 AM ]

Independent Reading

It is impossible to know for certain that students are reading and understanding their self-selected books, but one way to monitor this is through individual conferences. Try to meet with each student about once a week to discuss his or her independent reading. You can further monitor their understanding by asking students to draw or write about their reading in a readers’ notebook.

PTO Meetings

April and May are two more opportunities to join our very giving and very supportive PTO. Please take a look at your calendar and try to make a meeting if you haven't done so already.

Welcome to the team, Julie!

Julie Brandt will be our new Bay Harbor 4th grade teacher! Julie has been at Lineville teaching 5th grade. The last two years she acted as the grade level leader and has done tremendous things in the area of team building. Julie's creativeness and positive attitude will be an asset to our already dynamic building. Welcome aboard, Julie!

At your leisure, please welcome Julie to the team: ! I will be Cc'ing her in future communications so she can stay on top of the Bay Harbor happenings:)

Staffing Update- Grade 3

Grade 3 position will be posted by week's end and will be open through the end of April. At this point, we have not been given the "okay" to interview or hire.....only permission to post the position. This is because the district is still reviewing numbers and making adjustments. Once posted, it will be internal for one week and external through end of April. When I hear anything different, I will let you all know.

School Supply List

  1. CLICK HERE to view the list. PLEASE do not add to this list…You do not have to put each item that is on the list on your list, but you can’t add to the list. Have you read the word "list" enough. Make a list of your different lists. Put it on the list. List. List. List.
  2. Grade 3, 4 adjustments- Ear buds are not optional….they need to have them:)

Upcoming building PD meetings

The end of the year will fly bye fast! We will continue to keep the focus and learn together. In April, we will meet on the 9th, 16th, and the 28th. Then, it is MAY.....WOW!!!!!! We will meet May 7, 14 and the 26th (last PLC of the year...we will share out and celebrate our work). Holy Wuh (Yooper term) this is going to fly bye!!

Our final meetings will consist of:

  • Writing workshop focus and roll out (April 9)
  • Literacy Plan Update (April 16)
  • Business items (on-going)
  • Personalized learning aspects

Meemic Grants- Give it a shot!!!

Applications are accepted throughout the year but are awarded quarterly. The current quarter, which has a per-grant $1,000 maximum, ends March 31, with funds available in May. The online fill-in-the-blank application is easy to complete. You don’t have to be a grant writer to complete this application. Be sure to tell your story with passionate!

Grants are available for a variety of programs, including field trips; books for classrooms or libraries; professional development for teachers; behavior modification programs; materials for science labs, music departments or art projects; technology upgrades; basically anything that supports teachers and enhances the student’s educational experience.

Jeans Week- Possibility- GO BADGERS!!!

If the Badger Basketball team makes it to the Championship game (held on Monday, April 6th) WIN or lose, we will have a Jeans week to celebrate their journey and as an excuse to wear jeans. If you don't like basketball and are not in any pools, this may give you something to cheer for.
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