Earth In Space

What makes Earth so darn special?????

How the Earth is different from other planets

The Earth is the only planet known to man that has water and an atmosphere that has oxygen. The Earth can support life because of where it was formed in space, because of where it was formed it receives the right amount of sunlight.

What you need to know about Earth

Earth is in space and rotates around the sun, and the moon rotates around the Earth and sun. The Earth has tides because of the gravitational pull from the Earth and the moon. One revolution is a year on earth and one rotation is a day. The Earth has an axis that acts as a pole through the north and south poles of the Earth. Earth is a very important planet. The moon has a sixth the gravity of Earth. Some people say the moon is made of cheese because of the craters. But in reality meteors hit the surface and make huge craters in the moon. (The man in the moon is not really a man it just looks that way because of craters). Earth has an amtosphere made of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen (which is crucial for human life).  Earth is also lucky enough to have formed in such a place to where its water is usable (not frozen or otherwise hidden).  Life requires water, so Earth is the perfect place for living organisms to thrive.  Finally, Earth formed the perfect distance from the sun...its not too hot and not too cold, so we can all really enjoy the weather!  :-)

Earth compared to other planets


1. Distance from sun: 230 million km.  2. No atmosphere  3. No usable water  4. No life that we know of but Mars temperatures are closest to Earths than any other planet


1. Over a million km from the sun  2. Atmosphere made of hydrogen and helium... not a suitable place for humans  3. Has rings  4. Can not support human life
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