Third Grade Goretti Gazette

Together Everyone Achieves More

Social Studies

In Social Studies we are completing our landforms booklet. We will be learning about the natural resources and different climates in the various regions of Texas. We will then be moving onto people who helped explore or start new communities-Christopher Columbus, Daniel Boone, and Juan de Onate.


We finished up our study of careers in science with note taking and power point presentations. We are now moving onto geology. We will be looking at the 3 types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. You are welcome to send personal collections for our science classes. Please label them so we can return them to your family.

Math Facts

Please print and practice giving the fact test in 5 minutes increments. We will begin doing this in class. We will look at the progress in scores, not the amount wrong. I will be sending home games for those who need some extra help. We must know our facts to be successful in math. Send a printed and scored test to school and I will reward your child with a treat.

Keeping Children Safe

During our testing week, our religion class focused on ways to stay safe. We looked at what makes a good and bad secret. Each of us came up with names of adults who can help us and who will help us when a problem becomes too big to handle. Remember all adults who work or volunteer at our campus must have the adult class of this too.
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The SMG Monarchs have migrated to our hallway again!

We watched an awesome video on the monarch migration. Please continue to click the Journey North button. We are at the peak of the monarch migration. Watch your flower beds at home for other butterflies and moths that are migrating too. The lantana at school is a nectar party station right now.
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Easy way to start a butterfly garden

If you wish to start a simple butterfly garden the Texas Lantana is an easy way to start. It is drought resistant and the yellow Aztec gold returns each year.

Prayer of the Butterfly

The Prayer of the Butterfly

Where is the milkweed?
Wait! I have to go.
Where? I do not know! Maybe to Mexico?
Oh, yes, Lord,
I had something to ask you….
What was it? Oh!
Please let flowers grow on the roadsides.
And let caterpillars live to eat the parsley.
Your world is beautiful, Lord.
Let my painted wings flutter till night comes.
Where was I?
Oh yes, Lord, this flower, this sun, thank you. Amen.

September 2, 2014 By Susan Yoder Ackerman

From the desk of Mrs. Wetmore