Vasco Nunez de Balboa



Vasco balboa was is the name of my explorer balboa was famuas because in 1500 he found gold and his failer was that he got arrested in 1519 because someone framed him and he was found giltly.

Early life

balboa was born in Perez Ee Los Palleros in the Provice of Estreamadura. balboa married the daughter of Careta the local Indian chef .

Reason for exploration

Balboa explored in Spain balboa was looking for gold.

Discovers--give details

He explored Gulf San Miguel, to Santa Maria de, la Antigua del Darien, and they found Gold.Gold was also his richest discovery balboa explored on bouts and ships


balboa died in 1519 in the pacific ocean balboa was famous because he would tell story's about his all of his amazing adventure and what he saw and everyone he told was inspired in what amazing things he did and saw that they wanted to be an explorer
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Balboa died at the pacific ocean

Monday, Dec. 15th 1519 at 9pm

Pacific Ocean

Vasco Nunez de Balboa - Conquistador - Explorer