Rocket I.P.B

Intriguing, powerful, beautiful...

How will this benefit our society?

Rocket I.P.B. will go to the Moon and explore the land ,we need this rocket because just in case there is a major malfunction in the state of our Earth we can go to the Moon this rocket is also important because we need to send astronauts to the I.S.S. regularly so we can explore more.

Features and design...

Our spacecraft is very high quality in terms of design. In the top of the rocket we have a cylinder shaped nose cone coated with titanium. In the front of the rocket we have a extra special escape route just in case of a malfunction. On the bottom of the rocket we have four very powerful engines that blast you into the air with little to no minor malfunctions.

Why should you be interested anyways?

Rocket I.P.B. is an exquisite and powerful rocket. This rocket is made of expensive materials such as titanium, we coat the whole rocket with only one layer of titanium. We used special materials such as cork to coat the inside of the rocket this material is very good in terms of thermal insulation. We also used nickel alloy to coat the rockets engines this material makes the rocket stable in terms of landing.