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April 8, 2016

Reminders from Mrs. Grimenstein...

Here are some important dates to note specifically for our class:
  • Thank you to all who have donated to our Donors Choose project. We are currently working on our second project and will post the details soon! Feel free to stop by and check out our new seating arrangement.
  • Follow our class on Instagram: @thatsgrimtastic
  • Google Drive: Weekly photos posted "Pictures 2015-2016" labeled with dates for each week. Feel free to browse through the drive, but please be careful not to edit or delete anything. The directions on how to access our account are posted on eBoard. Here is our account information for quick reference: email: 2gowls@gmail.com password: 2Grocks (please note that we do NOT use this email account for any other purpose- please do not send any email to this account.

Science: Soil by Aidan, Johnny, Owen, and Caroline

This week in school we made compost bags with worms! First, we got dirt from the garden and looked at it with magnifying glasses. Then we put the dirt into little bags. After that, a blue package arrived at our classroom. It was filled with worms! Mrs.Grimenstein started to pass out them out. I held a little worm and dumped it into the bag. Then I took a handful of worms and put them into the bag. Then we put food like lettuce,tomatoes, and grounds. I really thought the compost bags were very fun! ~ Aidan

This week I did worms in science. First we use a dropper to get the water in the soil. Then with the worms in soils. Then we added food like coffee grounds and lettuce. The worms will eat the food and get bigger. We did an experiment with the worms. ~ Johnny

Yesterday we did science . First we put our worm in the soil . I got to hold a worm . It was cute and squirmy . We gave them food . It was lettuce, salad, and tomatoes . I can't wait to check on them. ~Owen

This week in school we studied worms and soil. First, we got a cup full of local soil and we put it in a bag with 6 holes punched into it so the worms could breathe. Second, we looked at what was inside of the soil. Third, we collected some food for the worms.Then, we wet the soil by picking up water with a pipet. After that, we put in some organic matter for the worms to eat such as: coffee grounds, lettuce, strawberries, apple cores, and orange peels. Last, we put the worms in the bags. Now the worms live in the bags, and the bags live in the science lab. 2 days every week, we are going to go and visit the worms. I LOVE SCIENCE! ~ Caroline

Flexible Seating by Liliana

This week in school we got flexible seating. We got 4 new seats. We got wobble stoles, mats,

pink ball chairs,and green ball chairs. We lowered some tables, so we could work on the floor. My favorite seat was the wobble stools, they wobble and spin around!! This morning I sat with Emma, Caroline, Alyce, Mimi, and Olivia. It is a girl table!

Our Last Week's Duck Visitors- by Tommy

Last Friday Alyce’s Dad brought in Ducks! When we went outside we were so excited to see them.They were so cute. After a few minutes they tried to escape! It was funny.Then they pooped in the food. It was also hilarious! And Aidan got pooped on too. Have you ever got pooped on by a bird?

Reader's CAFE By Alyce

O-No, Clevis, not again! Wait, she’s stuck in a tree! We just read the book Dex, a Heart of a Hero, by Caralyn Buchner in Reader's CAFE. Our focus this week was comparing and contrasting. We compared old Clevis, and new Clevis. Who is Clevis? Well, I’ll tell you about the book. In the beginning, Clevis and the other dogs tease Dex, only because he is so small. Clevis is the only Tom Cat, and Dex is a Dachshund. The only BIG thing about Dex is his dreams. He wants to be a superhero dog. So, Dex starts training. He reads all sorts of superhero comics. Then, he got lots of exercise. He dashes up and down. He runs corner to corner. He wants muscles. Then one day, he looks in the mirror; he has muscles! But then, only one thing is missing. His Superhero suit. Once he gets it, he helps everybody. The whole time, Clevis was being mean. But Dex was helping lots of smaller animals. He saved a mouse from a sewer, he tackled a purse snatcher, he fixed a neighbor’s sprinkler, found a lost kitten, and organized a neighborhood clean up day. But then what happens? Clevis the mean old cat was chasing a squirrel up a tree, and got stuck.Then Dex saves the day! He shoots up from the teeter-totter and lets Clevis use his cape to float down safely at the end of the story. Did you like the story?

Writer's Workshop By Mrs. Grimenstein

This week writers continued to write letters to other readers about their favorite books. We worked to include juicy story words such as main character, chapter title, dedication, and setting. We also learned to look more closely at our stories by rereading like detectives. Then we can add new details to our letters to entice readers to choose our book. Next week we will complete a mini-publication of one letter and then move on to our third bend in the unit, book nominations.

Math By Mark

This week in school we had math and we measured. My partner was Alexander Lovett. We had to measure our heads, jumps, and arm span. My jump was 134 cm, 52 inches, and 53 inches. My arm span was 51 inches, and 134 cm. I was about 140 cm tall. Alex was 128 cm. Math was very fun!

For Your Calendar

  • 4/8 Bookworms Due
  • 4/14 School Store, 1150-1240
  • 4/15 Gifted Nomination Forms Due to Office-See Haddon E-News
  • 4/22 Student Profiles Due-See Haddon E-News
  • 4/22 2G Field Trip to Greenfield Hall- walking trip
  • 4/19-4/27 PARCC Testing, Grades 3-5
  • 4/28 Take Your Child To Work Day
  • 4/28 Community Meeting, 10AM
  • 4/28 School Store, 1150-1240
  • 4/29 PARCC Testing, Grades 3-5