Español 3

November 16-20

Sra. Aguirre - Fall 2015

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Week 13

Students should be done with ALL assignments in Unit 6, as they were due last week. If not, they should catch up ASAP! I will be contacting parents this week about student progress in our class.

This week we are starting Unit 7, Las Profesiones y Las Carreras (Professions and Careers), and the following assignments are DUE this Friday at 11:55 pm. Please note that this Unit has 5 lessons, with lessons 1, 2 and 3 due this Friday.

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Required Live Classes for Unit 7

Students have 4 opportunities to attend an RLC for Unit 7 this week and 3 opportunities next week. Please encourage your student to look at the schedule and attend a live class as they will have interaction with the teacher and can ask questions.

Cultural Cafe for Extra Credit

Students have 1 opportunity this week to attend and learn about Japanese food in the Culture Cafe! The extra credit count towards a student's participation grade. Please encourage your student to attend this very interesting topic!
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We got SPIRIT, how about YOU?!

This week we are celebrating NCVPS Spirit Week. What a great opportunity to build upon our community and culture between students, teachers, and staff and extend e-­learning into the e-­community our parents and schools! I will be sharing the information below with my students in the Learning Block (announcements) each day. Encourage your student to let me know his/her answer(s) to the following and I will share those in the Learning Block too!

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Peer Tutor Center

As we head towards our end of the semester, I want to encourage your student to try the Peer Tutor Center! The PTC is a great resource available with students waiting to help or tutor your student or be a Virtual Buddy for your student. Peer Tutoring is for students needing specific content support while a Virtual Buddy is for students that need extra guidance through the course. Spanish tutors are available!
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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre