Love? Maybe.

By: Heather Hepler

Smore by: Amanda


Main characters: Piper, Ben Donovan, Jan, Claire, Jillian, Beau, Jeremy, Dominic, Lucy, Charlie. This is a very good book if you like romance and heartbreak. This story will play with your emotions

about the book

Piper doesn't believe in love, even though everyone says she should...especially because her birthday is on Valentine's Day. On top of that, Piper is torn between two guys, Ben and Charlie. Will Piper find true love? Will she choose Ben or Charlie? Read this book to find out.

the theme

Theme statement: the heart is a powerful thing and it can be broken easily.

1. Page 30 “ Claire started to cry ‘ it was Stuart he said that we need to have some space’ she continued to cry”

2. Page 229 “ ‘ I just wanted to say it hurts me’ Charlie wiped his face trying not to show he’s crying and leaves”

3. Page252 “ ‘ they probably told u about me and Ben Donovan and how I was crying’ ”

about the characters

Piper- dynamic (doesn’t believe in love brown haired girl works at Jan’s candy store)

Ben Donovan- static (most popular guy in school brown hair boy likes piper)

Claire-static (blond haired girl made up a plan)

Jillian- static (likes Charlie brown hair girl)

Charlie-dynamic (swims piper’s next door neighbor)

The book is external because most of the problems involve more than one person.