Cash Flow Statement/Analysis

Lance Russell

Cash Flow Statement

A financial statement that records a company's actual cash inflows and cash outflows over a defined period of time. It includes three sections: operating cash flow, investing cash flow, and financing cash flow.

What does the Cash flow statement do

A cash flow statement is a financial report that shows how the cash is spent and used over a specific period of time.

Where does the cash flow statement come from

Most people get there cash from the banks or from an investor.

What does the Cash Flow statement show

It shows how a company spends it money. It also tells you if you generated cash to your business. It show you what you spend your money on and the money that you are making.

Really it show the net increase or net decrease.

What sections are in the cash flow statement

There is 3 sections to the Cash Flow Statement.

Operating the cash flow: this operates the net income or losses.

Investing cash flow: this is pretty much all the investments you done.

Financing cash flow: Shows cash flow and if you need to pay back a loan and also included raise by stock and bonds.

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