New For April!

Five $5 Lunches, You Choose Any 2 Sides, New Recipes

Our menu had a makeover, thanks to feedback from parents and staff. When planning your April menu, we kept three points front and center: price, portion and personalization.

Five $5 Lunches

You asked for an even better value --­ you got it. Now your April options include five great meal combos, each for just $5!

(Note: Meals are one size only.)

You Choose Any Two Sides

We hear you: toddlers and preschoolers are finicky eaters. We've found a way to let you personalize any meal. Now pick any two sides from a daily rotating list of fresh fruits and veggies! Want both sides to be fruit? Prefer a double dose of edamame? No problem! (All combos now let you choose the sides.)

Tasty New Recipes

We've been busy in the Smart Lunches' kitchens, adding new options and improving on others. New menu items include a Chicken Veggie Burrito, Pasta Primavera with Nut-Free Pesto, Taco Scoops, and Turkey Meatball Sandwiches.

And we've formulated these favorite items to hold better and to taste even more yummy: Chicken Spinach Pasta, Kid-Pleasing Pasta, Tofu Pad Thai, Veggie Mac & Cheese and Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese -- featuring Barilla Plus pasta!