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Ava Anderson Non Toxic in January

Happy New Year!

Friends & Family I hope you had an AMAZING Christmas and New Years! Did you survive? Things are starting to wind down, and kids are getting ready to go back to school, and you all get back to your usual schedule. Do you fully realize & appreciate this time of year? I LOVE it! You get a fresh start, brush off the dust from last year, and try to make this your best year yet. What are some of your resolutions? Of course a BIG one of mine is to improve my health, but not just in the usual exercise & eating better way! That's important, but do you know what else is JUST as important, and not very many people realize or understand? What goes ON your body! That's right, those chemicals & toxins that are in makeup, hair products, skincare, and household products don't just magically disappear, they get absorbed into your bloodstream within 26 seconds of application! Did you know that, were you even aware? I surely was not aware, because it's not common knowledge, it's not being monitored by FDA or anyone else! And until the laws about that change, WE are responsible to read the labels to protect ourselves & our family! That can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you can't even pronounce 98% of the ingredients! But guess what? There's hope! I independently own a business with Ava Anderson Non Toxic. There's no guesswork! Every ingredient is listed (and says exactly what it is): pure, of the highest quality ingredients, and 100% toxin & chemical FREE!!! If one of your goals for this year is to improve your health & quality of life, check Ava Anderson out, I promise it will change your life!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!!


Oh my goodness, the specials this month are the BEST yet!! This would be an EXCELLENT opportunity to host, and stock your home with non toxic products!

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Angie Lawson
Educational Consultant
Ava Anderson Non Toxic
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