With Jackson Perry, editor-in-chief

Is the Cost of a Whopper Really $6.99?

Value meal #1 at Burger King is a Whopper with fries and a drink. It costs $6.99, approximately the hourly wage of the young lady who handed me the bag. If she served 30 Whopper meals an hour, this Burger King made $210 that hour. This worker still made approximately $7.00. This goes on at hundreds of thousands of Burger Kings around the country. That's $210,000 an hour. Their workers still only make about $7.00 an hour. Do any of us think about this when we eat our Whoppers? Probably not. It is time to think about the cost of fast food. It is not $6.99. The cost to America is having a lot of underpaid workers.

What does it mean to be underpaid? It means no family, no college, no nice car, no future. For example, according to truecar.com, the cost of a new Ford F150 is $52,000. According to the payment calculator on Kelley Blue Book.com, the monthly payment for a new Ford F150 is $984.00 month. A Burger King worker making the minimum wage in Iowa ($7.25) working 35 hours a week will have a paycheck that is $1,015. That means that this worker could buy a new Ford F150 if he or she lived in it and ate nothing. This is not possible.

What is the cost to America of people not being able to afford a car and a house and food on a minimum wage job? That means they have to choose to have a house and no car, which means it's hard to get to work, to school, to the store, to the doctor. They can't afford insurance or healthy food for themselves or anyone they love. It means they shouldn't have children.

These are horrible choices that people making minimum wage face, all because America wants a Whopper meal for $6.99. The cost of fast food is too high.

Dear Future Americans

November 27, 1917

Dear Future Americans,

Do not stop in the face of danger or pressure. You must continue to keep going until your fight is won or done. The worse conditions make the best people. We are today stronger for our suffering. They couldn't make us eat. They couldn't beat us down. We are now released from prison to take our fight back to the streets.

We are free and will help all women be free from the bonds of discrimination. Just as my good friend Susan B. Anthony said, "nothing is impossible." We are now heading toward a bright future where we stand as equals to vote our minds and speak our opinions. It is not time to let up. Let's keep fighting. Recruit your sisters, your mothers, your aunts to march with us on the streets. Their future is at the end of the road.

Thank you for your courage. Continue what I started, it is your fight, too. We do it for our daughters and their daughters.


Alice Paul

Germany Sinks Lusitania!

A German torpedo has sunk the British ocean liner, Lucitania. The ship left New York on May 1 heading to Liverpool, England. It was the 200th voyage of the ship. It carried nearly 2,000 passengers, mostly British citizens, and 700 crew members.

According to eye witnesses, the ship sank in less than 20 minutes taking thousands of people with it. The exact number of deaths is still uncertain. Lucitania sunk just off the coast of Ireland, where survivors are still stunned by how quickly the ship went down.

British authorities are holding Germany responsible for the attack. Several survivors report seeing torpedos racing through the water. A German U-boat was in the area and is being blamed. Officials were aware of the risk of torpedo attacks and took precautions to protect the Lucitania. Precautions included not raising the ship's flag in war zones and painting her funnels a dark gray as camoflage.

Passengers were also warned of the dangers. This notice was posted for all to see:

TRAVELLERS intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travellers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk.
Washington, D.C. 22 April 1915

British authorities suspect that Germany thought the Lucitania was carrying war supplies. Britian adamently denies this rumor.

Families of the lost passengers are asked to be patient while the investigation is underway.

An Icon of the Century

Born George Herman in Pigtown, Baltimore, Maryland, Babe Ruth, who will become the Sultan of Swat, had very humble beginnings. He was one of 8 children and ended up in reform school at age 7. The school was called St. Mary's Industrial School. It was run by strict priests who taught George to be responsible and to love baseball.

George first played for his home town team, the Baltimore Orioles. He was only 19 when he joined the team and the team's owner (Jack Dunn) had to become his legal guardian. That team became the Boston Red Sox and George was their best pitcher and hitter. His team mates called him "Jack's newest babe" because he was so young and so gifted. That is when he became Babe Ruth.

George was disatisfied as pitcher because he couldn't play as long as other players, so he convinced he team owner to let him play outfield. Once he could play every day, and hit every day, he broke the MLB's single season home run record.

Despite a great year, the Red Sox traded Babe to the New York Yankees, where he went on to help them win seven American League Championships and 4 World Seasons. Babe Ruth was a legend in his own time for not only his incredible athletic ability but also because he lived large.

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You Go Girl!

Long Beach, CA - On October 22, 1922 Amelia Earhart flew her own plane, called The Canary, to an altitude of 14,000, setting a world record for female pilots.

Remember the Maine, to Hell with Spain

February 15, 1898 -- Foul play is suspected in the sudden and horrific sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor. The armored cruiser sent to Havana, Cuba to protect US interests suddenly and violently burst into flames on the evening of February 15.

The ship exploded without warning and sank rapidly carrying most of its crew to their death. The massive explosion could be seen for miles. Eye witnesses say they saw blood colored rain turn the water of Havana Harbor red. Some say the flames reached 50 feet into the air and were 1000 degrees.

An eye witness interviewed at the scene said, "I saw shady figures taking pictures of the boat and I heard the screams of all the sailors as they were incinerated. It was Spain, I know it."

An investigation is underway. Most Americans believe this is the work of Spain interfering with United States interests abroad.

More than Noah's Ark

George Darwin's theory of naturalistic evolution included the idea that man may have come from monkey's. This picture shows three monkey's prohibited from seeing, speaking and hearing, meaning their truth cannot be known. Christian leaders did not want naturalistic evolution to be taught in public schools and used propaganda to scare parents into keeping naturalistic evolution out of the schools. This cartoon supports the more progressive thinking of the time.
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Fight the War One Penny at a Time

Even if you can't fight you can help the war effort by buying Liberty Bonds. Buy them today so the sun will rise another day. Don't wait, the time is now to help our boys overseas.
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The Gilded Age State: California

Capital: Sacramento

Nickname: The Golden State

Motto: Eureka

Immigration from China led to rapid growth in California and huge advances in ranching, farming and mining. During this time there was also negativity toward Chinese immigrants. An extreme example is the San Francisco riot of 1877 when the white majority population persecuted Chinese immigrants, killing 4 people and destroying property.

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The Progressive State: Texas

Capitol: Austin

Nickname: The Lonestar State

Motto: Friendship

On January 10, 1901, oil came in at the Spindetop oil field in Beaumont, TX. Oil gushed for 9 days and produced 100,000 barrels of oil. A frenzy of economic developed followed, called the Texas Oil Boom. It is an example of progressivism becasue populist sentiment in the area prevented Standard Oil company from taking over. As a result many smaller oil companies were founded, spreading the wealth around.

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Lucas gusher at Spindletop, the start of the Texas Oil Boom

WWI State: Alaska

State capitol: Juno

Nickname: The Last Frontier

Motto: North to the Future

The exploration and settlement of Alaska would not have been possible without the development of aircrafts for WW1. Airplanes made exploration and settlement in the interior of Alaska possible. The 1900 census counted 30,493 whites in Alaska, up from 4,298 ten years earlier.

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Settlement of Alaska made possible by Airplanes

Roaring 20s State: New York

Capitol: Albany

Nickname: The Empire State

Motto: Excelsior (Ever Upwards)

The roaring twenties were a period of sustained economic prosperity, especially seen in major US cities such as New York City. It was also a time of breaking from tradition, modernity, and having fun, unlike during WW1. Jazz clubs and dancing became popular and the Savoy in New York City is one of the most famous roaring twenties clubs.

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Savoy Ballroom in New York City was at the Center of Roaring Twenties Fun