Amorphous Man

(He is made up of sulfur)

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Background Info on Sulfur:

  • Sulfur was discovered around 700 BCE by the Greeks, though at the time, it was referred to as brimstone.
  • A sulfur atom contains 16 protons, 16 electrons, and 16.06 neutrons.
  • Sulfur is odorless.
  • Sulfur is classified on the periodic table as a nonmetal.
  • Sulfur is a yellow and brittle solid.
  • Sulfur is used in black gunpowder, matches, and fireworks.
  • Sulfur is used as a fungicide and insecticide.
  • Sulfur is used to create sulfuric acid.
  • Sulfur's chemical symbol is S and its atomic mass is 32.06.
  • Sulfur, when in its amorphous state, is soft and elastic (not easily damaged).

Amorphous Man's Abilities

Amorphous Man (a lawful good) is capable of compounding himself with fluoride to become a gas, at which point he can move at extreme speeds an is invulnerable to enemy assault. In addition, when compounded with fluoride, sulfur is denser than water, meaning he can make his enemies float to extreme heights. By extension, he can also make them drop from extreme heights. However, if a match is lit while he is in his gaseous form (or solid form for that matter) he is in danger of spontaneous combustion. Since sulfur is a prime ingredient in bleach, Amorphous Man can take the stains out of any citizens clothes! Also, Amorphous Man is a natural mosquito repellent, as sulfur is commonly used in insecticides.