Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

Angels left -- Now let's go see the power of God's promise!

BWC Spiritual Leaders:

My hope is that you have enjoyed a wonderful time of refreshing and family bonding these past few days. We had a great Christmas Day with Jono, Tessa, Travis and Lauren. We are awaiting the arrival of Davey and Amanda, as soon as Indiana's blizzard conditions clear up a bit.

Thank you so much for the spiritual encouragement and positive influence many of you have been to His bride during these months of challenge and change. It has been great to share times of focusing on honoring HIM through worship these weeks of Advent. I know that some of you are spending concerted time in prayer and fasting, submitting to HIS direction and plan for BWC. The Saturday evening prayer emphasis has grown during this Advent season. I am confident when I say that He is honoring the investment of prayer.

Please keep praying. When God's Spirit moves by encouraging and convicting hearts, satan battles all the harder with deceptions and distortions, in order to divide and harm the Bride of Christ. I implore each of us at this time to remember that it is HIS church that is at stake here and not our feelings. It is HIS church that is at stake here and not my feelings. Feelings are not to be trusted (Jer. 17:9; 9:8). Only Christ-centered prayer and clinging to His Word will bring righteous results in us individually and in HIS bride through these difficult times. As spiritual leaders we are called to a deeper level of rejecting our feelings and responding to the leading of His Word in our lives. As we engage the battle by doing the right thing, He will pour out His Spirit on BWC.

I can tell you that as a church staff, we are excited about God's miracles we are seeing in individual lives we have the privilege of working with on a daily and weekly basis. He is faithful and longs to provide for His Bride. And as you look toward the coming year, may your heart rejoice with the possibilities of powerful spiritual growth, both personally, and as a church body in 2013.

With much love for Him and you,


Prayer Requests:

  • Many in our congregation are sick with flu, infections and bronchial illness
  • Several recovering from surgery
  • Many missing loved-ones at this time of the year
  • Travis, Lauren and Leah as they lead our teens to the FOLLOW '12 Convention.
(They gave up Christmas with their family to be able to do this for our teens)
  • Pray also for the teens. These prove to be life-changing and dynamic, spiritual experiences in the lives of our youth!

"We must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that we can encourage others by sound doctrine..." Titus 1:9