Civil Rights Leaders

Jackie Robinson


Most everyone knows about Jackie Robinson. He was considered a hero for being one of the first, and most successful, black baseball players ever. However, I would like to discuss a lesser known event surrounding Robinson.

About 2 years after Robinson had retired there was a major protest going on outside of a soon to open restaurant owned by a Jewish man. The protest was orchestrated by black citizens who feared that the owner's, Schiffman, lower prices would mean financial struggle for a nearby black restaurant. Schiffman cried out to civil rights leaders to help him, but none would listen. Robinson was the first one to lend his ear, and openly speak down on the people who protested him. Their use of racial slurs and near violent protest was detestable to him. Robinson urged other civil rights leaders to speak out with him. Schiffman's business was saved due to the efforts of Robinson, who stood up against racism, even when it came from his own people. Robinson was very clearly a wonderful and influential civil rights hero.
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