Go-Hawk Tech Talk

Elementary Staff - February/March 2014

Cyber Safety Campaign

During the month of March, we are participating in an elementary-wide effort to talk to students about cyber safety. We will provide all the necessary videos, lessons, and bookmarks. We need your help engaging in these activities with your students during March.

1. Read the Cyber Safety Tip of the Day to your class and engage in a brief follow-up discussion. (There is a video version, if you prefer.)

2. At a convenient time during March, show your class the Cyber Safety video and lead students through a follow-up lesson.

3. At the end of March, give each student the Cyber Citizen bookmark.


CyberMan wears a mask to remind students to keep it private. His golden ruler is a reminder to follow the Golden Rule and be kind online. His shield is a reminder to protect yourself and go places safely online.

CyberMan Says...

  • Do the right thing - Students learn that children sometimes can act like bullies when they are online. Help students explore what cyber bullying means and what they can do when they encounter it.

  • Go places safely - Students learn that they can go to exciting places online. Teach students that they need to follow certain rules to remain safe.

  • Keep it private - Discuss with students that many websites ask for information that is private. Talk to them about how to responsibly handle such requests.


Common Sense Media is a website for educators, kids, families, and students. One of the many features on Common Sense Media are Digital Citizenship resources such as videos, curriculum, and posters.

Digital Passport is a great, free website for 3rd - 5th graders. Students can participate in modules centered around critical skills related to digital safety, respect, and community.

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