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Student Health

Being a student can be good for your prospects, but can sometimes be bad for your health! Being in the same place as a large number of people, along with a number of other things such as the pressures of exams, family and relationships can mean that students really do suffer. Some examples of student health issues are;

-Fresher's flu - normally September and it sometimes comes back in January

-Sickness (and other bodily stuff) bugs


-Mental health and anxiety

-Substances - drugs and/or alcohol

And that's before you get started on the complications of relationships, friendships, Facebook, Twitter and all the other stuff.

We hope we can help with some of it, and for this reason provide a monthly student health promotion event, to bring together all the people you need in one place, as well as having our youth work service, onsite counselling (Thursdays) and our Safeguarding and wellbeing team.

If you have anything you are concerned about, please call into the youth work office as you pass, or text 'Safe' to 81025. We are here to help.

College events

Stockton Riverside College Health Promotion Day

Thursday, Jan. 23rd, 11:30am-1:30pm

Reception, Stockton Riverside College, Harvard Avenue, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom

All the health and wellbeing information you need in one place including;

  • Drug and alcohol advice
  • Sexual Health Advice
  • Eastern Ravens - for young carers
  • Smoking support
  • Chamydia testing
  • Counselling service
  • National Citizenship Service

Drop by at any time during the event!

Student Services Teams

Who are we?

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