Rockbrook Pre K

Ms. Infante's Class - October 15th, 2015

This Week In Pre K

This week we will be learning about families. The primary key concept is Similarities & Differences.

The most important things students are to understand are:

  • I can find similarities and differences in all things/people
  • I can tell how things/people are alike and different.
  • I can sort things/people by their attributes.

Listed below are a few songs that we'll be singing this week:

  1. Family Finger Song
  2. My Mother is a Baker by Dr. Jean
  3. Random Assortment of letter songs - ABC Mouse


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Rockbrook County Fair

Saturday, Oct. 17th, 4-7pm

2751 Rockbrook Drive

Lewisville, TX

Please join us for the annual Rockbrook County fair! Bring your entire family and come celebrate with your Rockbrook family.

Picture Day

Picture day will be October 22nd. We generally try to schedule our picture times BEFORE breakfast or lunch, but that doesn't always work in our favor. We will take extra precaution to keep everyone squeaky clean for their photos. Should you any a concern please send an extra shirt to go over their clothing.

In the even that this fall student photo does not pose as you hoped please know that Rockbrook will also offer a Spring Student photo as well.

Expect the photo packets in their folders on Friday.

Ms. Infante's contact information

The most effective way to reach me throughout the day would be through our classroom Bloomz account.

  • AM Class account member need to enter the following code: M3H9N2
  • PM Class account member need to enter the following code: 9RNMD4