flagpole sitting

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flagpole sitting

first paragraph,

one interesting trending topics of the 1920's was flag pole sitting,

it began in 1924 as a publicity stunt to bring people to movie theaters one of the most famous flagpole sitters was shipwreck kelly. he did alot of flagpole sitting

second paragraph

it began to get very popular but no one did it longer than kelly. he set the record of pole sitting time an amazing 13 hours and 13 mins. but when shipwreck kelly started getting noticed lots of imatitors set out to breck his record and they did. they was reports of 12 days 17 days and even 21 days but whos knows if those are true.

third paragraph

there was a man who sat on a pole for 51 days and 20 hours the world record was set by the 1930's most of it had faded into history but never forgotton