Game Warden

By : Mason Hicks

websites you can visit to be a learn about how to be a Game Warden

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Game Warden Career Overview


Mason Hicks

Justin TX

Home: 123-456-7890
Cell: 098-765-4321


· Work for


· I have a little experience in the medical field

· I am a very good shot with any rifle of pistol or shotgun

· I can identify tracks to what animal made them


· I have hunted since I was 7 and helped people hunt since I was 9

· I have hunted over 140 pieces of land and killed at least 1 animal on every piece of land

· I have helped save a life from a car crash


Baylor university Waco TX

· Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife

· Masters in Game Warden


· I have killed a record breaking of a 6 point buck

· I have killed a 300 pound hog

Cover letter