Least Interested Job



  • Sews clothing
  • Manages time
  • Maintains personal work space
  • Keeps space clean
  • Manages safety
  • Communicates about problems and solutions

Skills Needed

  • Variety of hand sewing techniques
  • Work in cramped positions
  • Use hands for small things
  • Well- organized
  • 2 years experience
  • Work in hard reach places

Stitcher Salary

  • Ranges from 35k to 45k
  • on Average 45k a year
  • Depends on the job

Education Required

Rewards and Challlenges


  • Lots of knowledge of sewing techniques
  • Managing time
  • knowledge of fabric types


The rewards of being a stitcher is seeing all ofyour hard work being praised and apprieciated.

Why I don't like it

  • It doesn't seem fun
  • not something I'd enjoy