The Battle Of Verdun

By Jaxon

About The Battle of Verdun

During World War I, one of the biggest battles was know as The Battle Of Verdun. Did you know that during The Battle Of Verdun, they mainly used rifles, machine guns and artillery cannons? The Battle Of Verdun was very deadly battle. The Battle Of Verdun was very long. It lasted from Feb. 21 1916 until Dec. 18 1916.

What they had during The Battle Of verdun

During the Battle of Verdun, they only had MREs, which is a bag full of food that you could eat during battle which most people hated. MRE stands for "Meal, Ready to Eat" and is a basic military ration. Soldiers hated them because the food was cold and bad, but they still ate them because it was all the food they had.