Foundations of Ed for CLD

Melissa Penrose Fall 2015


Goal One: Speaking and Listening Comprehension

Ensure that students feel comfortable to become proficient on CC Language Arts Standard One.

Goal Two: Learning at Home

Provide opportunities and guidance for students to read together and discuss ideas in literature

Goal Three: Cultural sensitivity

Incorporate multicultural literature in all genres of literature

ELL Goals


Data and Rationale

  1. ACCESS: Students performed at Level Two and Three
  2. Steps to improve student proficiency on CC Standard One
  3. WIDA "Can Do's"-

  • Linguistic Complexity—the amount and quality of speech or writing for a given situation
  • Vocabulary Usage—the specificity of words or phrases for a given context
  • Language Control—the comprehensibility of the communication based on the amount and types of errors

Steps: Follow the gradual release model (modified for language development)

1. Introduce and guide students to answer level one (right there question) in one on one setting. Provide opportunities to discuss ideas in small, collaborative groups.

2. . Answer level one question in whole class setting; bridge to explaining level two ideas.

3. Present assignments/learnings in small group presentations.

4. End of year: Present a speech in front of whole class.


Data and Rationale

1. Two families attended the two previous Accountability meetings (none were ELL families.)

2. More parents attend the Friday Breakfast (average of three ELL families)

3. Conclusion-parents are more comfortable participating in a less formal environment; therefore, provide opportunities at home for learning (Epstein and the University of Oregon study)

Steps: Create a read at home question sheet with open ended questions (level two and three) for students and parents to discuss.

1. Allow students and parents to read self selected literature in preferred language.

2. Select a question from the list and discuss the answers.

3. Once a week, complete the sentence frame : The most beneficial part of this activity was _______________________________________. Provide similar frames from which parents and students can select.

4. Incorporate reading into students' standard two grade (reading for a variety of purposes)


Data and Rationale

1. Students are more engaged when they are allowed choice and can relate/connect with the ideas, events, and characters in literature

2. Students must reach a level five (bridging) to be proficient in language arts standard


Steps: incorporate culturally sensitive literature (male and female authors) in reading units-The House on Mango Street, "You Have to LIve in Somebody Else's Country to Understand," Gary Soto

Ensuring Success in an Engaging Environment

"A Different Language is a Different Vision of Life." Frederico Fellini


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