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Time for Halloween! Ready to break out the spooky spirit!

Spellbinding Reading Highlights!

This week in spellbinding reading class we had grandparents and other special guests coming in to teach us how school was when they were kids. Generations Day was such a lot of fun! In other news we have been working on Jackie Robinson graphic maps, showcasing the highs and lows of his life. Recently we have been going on a website called Edutype; it teaches you how to type. The students in our class have been making a lot of progress!

Spooky Spanish!

¡Hola fantasmas! This week in spooky spanish we have been learning how to say our favorite animals and colors. It has been a scary time with Senorã Freed ;), and we also have learned how to say the days and months.

Spook-tacular Writing!

This week in writing we have been making graphic maps based around the highs and lows of Jackie Robinson's life. Always, we do journal entries. They are anonymously submitted by a student. They can be anything from "What is your favorite vacation?" to "Draw the scariest ghost you can think of and then write a story about the ghost."

Mrs. Engle adds...

A huge THANK YOU to visitors on Generations Day! We interviewed our special people in collaborative groups and asked questions such as, "What sort of technology did you have growing up?" and "What important historical event happened when you were around my age?" The students' faces as the special visitors answered these and other questions were priceless! Imagine no Verizon Wireless! Not only that, but imagine having to GET UP OFF THE COUCH to change the channel! I count Generations Day as one of my favorite days of the year. I learn as much as the students and I enjoy meeting and talking with extended family members and friends of our students. Thank you again for giving us your time, knowledge, and perspective.

Another THANK YOU to Mrs. Kit Pollard, Dixon's mom. She shared with our boys and girls her experiences as a Food Writer. The students were mesmerized as Mrs. Pollard explained her experiences writing about food, sampling foods from around the world, and writing about her favorite topic: the Chesapeake Bay and its culinary gifts! We will be debriefing about Mrs. Pollard's visit on Monday and sharing how the writing process contributes to her success in this interesting occupation. There are few occupations where writing isn't a critical skill to apply to daily duties at work! Thanks again, Mrs. Pollard!

Guidance Ghouls

This week Mrs. Leaf came to teach us about rumors and gossip. She told us how to stop rumors and gossip, too. She helped us identify the best way to react to rumors. It was a very good but spooky lesson. ;)

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