Lighting Lesson 01

Rendering I

What items do you think help to create good lighting and Why?

Do the areas of interest stand out from the rest of the scene? Are there shadows and highlights where needed? Does the lighting help to set the mood for the scene or help to define the character? Is there enough contrast between light and shadow to help create a sense of depth in the scene? What else do you look for when you think about good or suitable lighting for your scenes and animations?

Emotion & Mood

The use of colour combined with shadows and highlights in your lighting can help to bring out various emotions or create a mood for your scene.


Creating a sense of style is quite important and helps add some drama and a lot of appeal to your entire scene. It can help enhance the look and feel of your animations when the style complements the characters or actions in a scene


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Cameras & Compostion

The camera placement/motion can make a huge impact on the overall quality of the story you are trying to tell in your animation. You need to make sure that the camera and composition best represents the story or message you are stating in a scene, which will also affect the choice and placement of your lights to ensure that all the lit elements and shadows work to enhance the scene.
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What do you think makes the lighting and rendering unappealing in the following images?

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Big image
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3 Point Lighting Intro/Review

IMGE 3point Lighting REVIEW

Assignment 01

Weighting: 5%

Using the supplied Rex_Bones.mb file you will light the scene using 3 point lighting as your foundation but you will need to customize your lighting to add some visual appeal and mood to the scene. The you will need to make sure to nicely compose the scene to add some drama and make sure the image size is at HD720 before your begin lighting. Make sure to add some colour with the lights and that there is an appropriate amount of light and shadow to enhance the scene. You will need to render a still image called 3point_lastnameInitial.jpg and you will submit this image into the the dropbox supplied on DC_Connect. Feel free to message me on Facebook or email ( if you need any assistance. The images should be submitted before the start of next class.