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There is a difference between teasing, and bullying.

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Summary of Please Stop Laughing at Me

In the book Please Stop Laughing at Me, Jodee goes through many ups and downs in her life. She starts off a Holy Ascension Catholic School. She was very popular, and kids rumbled to get good seats to gossip secrets with her. Jodee always supported the underdog, was a tattle tail, and was slightly stuck up. People started to not like Jodee to the point of bullying her. She moved from school to school till she got to Northwest. She still got bullied, but wanted to stay in the district to show she wasn't running away. Jodees dad proclaimed, " We can't always let Jodee run away from her problems (Please Stop Laughing at Me, page 45)." By the time she got to Samuels High School she was severely bullied. Events like her vacation to Santorini, and her writing convention rose her self esteem, because the friends she made. She then realized if could get past high school she could have a good life. A few years later, Jodee went to a reunion where she was really popular, and people who remembered were sorry for bullying her. Jodee had many ups and downs in her life, but she got through them.

Jodee Blanco gives presentation on bullying at Onekama Schools

Traits of Jodee Blanco

Jodee helps the underdog, is a tattle tail, and slightly stuck up. Those reasons account for why Jodee got bullied. Jodee likes bands likes Styx's, drama, and English papers. Jodee's family tries to help her, but Jodee doesn't listen, because she thinks her parents don't know what she is going through. Jodee opinionated, "You and daddy always told me to be a leader, not a follower. You both were wrong."

Conflict for Jodee Blanco

The conflict for Jodee Blanco in Please Stop Laughing at Me is character vs. society. At the beginning it was thought that Jodee had "socialization issues." However Jodee struggled with society because what she was passionate for went against society. Jodee tattled on society, she supported those who society didn't, and she was different then society. For unlawful reasons Jodee was teased, and bullied. She couldn't deal with it well at first, but later learned that not all people rejected her and it wasn't the end of the planet. Jodee states, "I have to keep reminding myself that none of this will matter when I'm an adult. It will all be just shadows (Please Stop Laughing at Me, page 233).

Theme for Please Stop Laughing at Me

Bullying is not okay, but kids need to know the difference between teasing and bullying. You have to know kids will tease other people, and the victims must take it, and not be offended. However if the teasing turns to bullying, it must be reported before it get's to a person's head.
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My Opinions

My Personal Favorite Quote (Nadia's Wisdom)

Nadia may have done more than just teasing Jodee, however she gave advice in which I believe some of it. I personally remember what part of the book her quotes are at. Nadia says, "Yeah, we teased you. So what? It's not like you're the first person to be made fun of at this school. Somebody like you never fights back. Why do you take it anyway (Please Stop Laughing at Me. page 236)." I believe you shouldn't fight back in a hateful manner, but fight back in a way to defend your beliefs, and try to make friends with the other person.

My Rating of Please Stop Laughing At Me

I rate the book Please Stop Laughing at Me 3 stars. I feel like the book could be more child friendly, so it could help a larger age group. I also feel like Jodee could have done more to try to not be bullied, but I've never been in her shoes. Things like defending the underdog are good, and she did the right thing for that, that boosted my rating by .5 stars. However when she tattled tailed, was stuck up, and couldn't take teasing, I feel like she should have not gotten so down. Some situations where she did tattle tail seemed like it wasn't her fault, but she should have chosen her friends better, and not talked about something she didn't want to get involved in.
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