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Times may change, but a teacher's impact doesn't

“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.
{His teacher was the legendary philosopher Aristotle}”
― Alexander the Great

The man behind the quote lived approximately 2300 years ago. The reality is that one could probably go back even farther and discover even more archaic quotes that deliver a similar message. That message is this: great teachers are an entity that's influence is immortal. This quote is from only one student about only one teacher...we have the great opportunity to interact with multiple pupils multiple times over the course of a school year. At times we become disenchanted and frustrated, understandably so; however, we must never lose sight that we are creating our own immortality. I know this staff keeps that at the forefront of everything they do at all times, for that, I thank you!

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (3/21, 3/22 & 3/23)-Juniors to English during guided reading for ACT Prep
  • Monday (3/28) District In-service - Dr. Muhammed - PLCs (more information to come)
  • Tuesday (3/29) Practice ACT at BOCES - All Juniors will be tested and return for 6 and 7 period
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The "E" in Espeland stands for Economics

Whether it be specialization or trade, Mr. Espeland is helping his seniors navigate the quagmire that is Economics. Mr. Espeland uses a variety of instructional strategies including cooperative learning-as evidenced by his new room arrangement-to exit slips in order to promote engagement and assess student's learning for the next day's lessons. In his first year at PHS, Mr. Espeland has done a great job establishing himself as a classroom teacher who is grounded and willing to try new things. He has recently been reading up on some cooperative learning activities and how to incorporate them into his daily instruction. We are proud to have Mr. Espeland as a member of our PHS staff.