Bobsledding was first introduced to the Winter Olympics in 1924. In 1928 they started doing a four or five man bobsled. In 1932 they made a two man bobsled to compete along side the four man bobsled competition. Finally, on 2002 in Salt Lake City the two man bobsled was completed and added to the winter Olympics.

What do they need?

For the Bobsled they need synthetic shoes with spikes on the soles for traction. They need high-tech, plastic helmets to prevent injures. They need a front and rear axle so they don't fall as much. They need the reigns so the driver can control the bobsled. They also need however many seats the bobsled consists of.

About Bobsledding

There are three main events two man, four man, and women bobsledding. The need high tech bobsleds to make the track safe. In some rare occasions two people come in a tie so they both get the first place medal. Bobsledding is a dangerous sport, so don't try this at home.