Classroom Agreement

For use of iPads and personal devices in our class

Technology Contract for Room 100

  • I already have an Atherton Community Schools technology agreement for 2013-2014 on file with the school.
  • I will make sure my hands are clean when using a classroom iPad.
  • I will exercise care when using an iPad by using two hands and keeping it on my desk.
  • I will return the iPad to its designated charging station and make sure to plug it in.
  • I will only use applications and programs as part of our teacher-guided lesson.
  • When researching, I will ask before using any program, application or website that has not already been approved by our teacher.
  • While water is allowed in the classroom, I will not have it near the iPad.
  • I understand technology in the classroom is to be used as tools for learning, not as toys.
  • I will ask before using my own personal device.
  • When using my own personal device, all classroom rules that apply to the classroom iPads also apply to me and my device.


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