Welcome Back to School

September 2014

Introducing Ruth Okoye

Hi There!

It's kinda funny to be sending an "introductory message" to you all when school has already started. I've already done inservices, distributed tech materials, and have sent a few "how-to" emails out. However, my department requires that I formally send a message to introduce myself, my services and my schedule. So here it is. For those of you who are new "welcome". As you know, my name is Ruth Okoye and I am the Technology Resource Teacher assigned to your building.

Services that I provide

Curating Resources

Are you planning a lesson that needs some resources? Pictures? A special type of website? Do you need an idea on how to spice something up? Let me know. If I don't have something that I can put my hands on, I can spend some time looking for the right resource for you. Just remember that finding and preparing resources for you can take some time. You'll need to let me know what you need in advance.


Coaching is individualized professional development. When the group size is 1, we can make sure that the session offers what you need. Want to know the best way to use a software program? Need to know how to use the advance functions of a piece of equipment? Thinking about taking your technology implementation up a level? I may not know it all, but I can certainly help you get to where you are trying to go.


Are you going to try something new? Do you want another teacher around in case you get stuck? That's something I can do for you also. Just send an email and I will block out the time in my schedule.

My Office

My office is inside the library. You can stop by when you have a moment. I may be in a classroom and I am working on a number of division level projects as well...so it's best to email me for an appointment. If I have time, you can pull up a chair and we can chat...I try to be at Brighton on Mondays and at Victory on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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