Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Since there is not school on Friday students are allowed to bring in Valentines for their classmates on Thursday. We will NOT be having a party. We are just exchanging Valentines at the end of the day. If your child brings in Valentines they must bring one for every classmate to avoid any hurt feelings. We have 20 students plus our two extra students. ALL students should being something to put Valentines into as they are passed out. It can be a decorated box, or as simple as a baggie. Valentines can have treats attached, but they may not be eaten in class without permission. Hopefully that answers any questions. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Jefferson City Field Trip

Permission slips for the Jefferson City field trip went home yesterday. Please make sure you read the details about the trip and send in the permission slip and money for the trip as soon as possible. Each class can bring 4 parent volunteers. You must be cleared and pay for the trip for your child and yourself. Names will be drawn by lottery if we have more than 4 parents volunteer. Let me know if you have any questions.

Mythology Heroes Quest Writing Piece

Students have been working very hard on a writing piece about a Hero's Journey. The Hero's Quest has 10 elements that need to be included in the piece of writing. If they want to work on it at home it is highly recommended they do so as we are about to begin a new unit next week and most won't be finished writing. They are getting much more into the writing piece than I anticipated and although they had a full week to write it, most are not close to being finished. They will have some class time, but not a lot. I don't want them to rush so I will give them an extension to work on it for a couple of weeks. Let me know if you have any questions about the writing piece.

Homework tonight

Students will not be given Math homework tonight but I would like them to get onto their google classroom account and complete the assignment that is on there. They will watch a video about tornadoes and write 5 facts that they learn to the side of the video. I showed the students how to log on and use it today. Try to open the video through videonotes, before opening it via downloading it. It will work with ways, however.

No School Friday or Monday

Please remember that there is no school Friday or Monday.