Powwow Chickbowow Chocolate factory

Come and enjoy our buy one get one free tour ticket sale!

Buy one get one free tour tickets...

When you come to Powwow and buy a tour ticket you get another free, and all-around sample of our finest creations!

Find us at...

Location: 1205 Santabarbra st, California

Hours: 10:00 am-5:00pm

Contact us: 986-777-4523

Email: hubbabubbachocolate@crown.com

Make Reservations for a Deluxe tour now!

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Our Chocolate is Fresh made and the all-around best! You will be satisfied!

When you come and take a tour you will be treated to samples, take-homes, and many more! Our chocolate is made from the finest ingredients! Including Fresh homeoganzied milk, real coa-coa beans, and all natural pure cane sugar.

Here's some of our finest tour guides!

Prices $

Our tour tickets are $30 .00 Flat.

We currently have a sale going on: when you buy a tour ticket you get the 2nd free, also you get free fine crafted chocolate samples!

Kids are $10.00, and when you come in groups you get half off!

Deals happening now!

If you call now and make reservations you get FREE t-shirts for the whole family!
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Willy Wonka Is our sponsor

Willy Wonka is our chocolate sponsor, he has starred in the Movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!¨
Weŕe good at making chocolate, but putting smiles on peoples faces is our specialty

So Come on down to Powwow Chikabowow Chocolate Factory!