the nfl changes over the years

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the NFL

just about everyone knows what the NFL is. NFL stands for National Football league if you didn't know.
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All 32 !!!

32 is the amount of teams in the national football league. But the sates that don't have teams are Alabama Alaska Arkansas Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii Idaho Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine, Mississippi, Montana Nebraska Nevada, new Hampshire, new Mexico north Dakota, Oklahoma Oregon, south Carolina south Dakota Utah Vermont Virgina west Virgina Wyoming.
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The head protection

the helmets have thick pads inside to protect from concussions. the helmets have evolved from leather to plastic with pads inside



the players get payed a lot lets not lie. the most payed player in the NFL gets over 22 million dollars a year the lest amount payed is over 800 thousand dollars a year


oh no

football is very dangerous you can damage your brain, bones, muscles and just about every thing else but it has gotten safer. more rules have been added to protect the players

this picture is of Joe theismanns leg after Lawrence Taylor landed on it tackling him
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logo on helmet


when the helmets where leather they all looked the same but in 1948 Fred Gehrke hand painted the horns on each helmet
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