Our Trip to Athens, GA

An exciting trip to the home of UGA!!!!

Why Athens?

Athens, GA is a wonderful city. Its beautiful scenery and amazing little shops and local restaurants make it the ideal vacation.

Since we stayed for 3 days, we did 3 activities...

Georgia Gameday Center

This 5 star hotel is perfect for our trip. It is walking distance from all the local shops and restaurants and VERY fancy! It is $144 per night, but it's worth it!


A local restaurant that we are going to. It's meals range from $10 to $20. Clocked is on the cheaper side, but the watermelon lemonade on the menu sounds great! Everything else seems delicious too!

Some Athens history...

The picture on the far right is of the first Georgia railroad! It was made by a couple of Athens businessmen. This is why the city of Athens is important to the state of Georgia.