St Pauls Cathedral

by Sophie

When it was built

The St Paul's Cathedral was built in between 1675 & 1710. It was the first to be built after the 16th century when Henry VIII removed the Church and took over the Pope and the Church's life.

location !

The St Paul's Cathedral is located in London UK.

Why it was build

In 1665 Christopher Wren designed the Cathedral after the Cathedral was wiped out by a fire. It is one of the most famous and reconised sights of London.

Why it's so popular

The St Paul's Cathedral is so popular because it is so old and has been built over centuries. Also from being one of the first fledgeing christian settlements in London . The Cathedral has changed and has grown to reflect the taste of the nation

Entry Cost and opening hours

Opening hours: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Sight seeing stops at 4:00pm

Entry cost:

Adults: 18+- $15

children 10+- $12

Family ticket 2 adults&2 children 6-18 - $36

FaCtS :) !!!!

  • It was built 10 years after it was wiped out
  • Christopher Wren died 1723 ( the designer)
  • You can see it from 112 ft away
  • The dome is made of stone and balustrade