The Gambia

Culture of The Gambia

The People

In The Gambia the population is about 1.5 million with a growing rate of 2.98. Among the million people in The Gambia, there are 5 ethnic groups; Mandinka, Fulani, Wolof, Jola, and Serruhule. The main language spoken in The Gambia Is English, but some Gambians speak Wolof. About 85% of Gambians are Muslim, and a small percent are Christian and animist.

Life Style

In a Gambian family three generations can live together in one house. If family members are not "blood" related they can become related through commingling, long friendships, and working together. Gambians usually have a diet that consists of millet porridge, crushed peanuts and rice boiled together, fried bean flour, okra soup, and peanut butter soup. Many Gambian holidays are ones us American's celebrate, such as Easter, Christmas, Labor day and many more.


Gambians normally greet each other by having the younger one shake hands and use a greeting such as the Arabic Salaam Malekum (may peace be upon you). Then the older one responds with Malekum Salaam (may peace upon you too). If ones hand is dirty from work the other must shake wrists. Gambians usually visit family without further notice. Family/ Relatives are always welcome!


In The Gambia many people walk or take a taxi to travel short distances. For longer distances Gambians use donkey, horse carts, buses, or "bush taxis". Bush taxis are neetworks of small buses that travel to certain destinations without a schedule. Education in Gambis is inexpensive but many parents choose to not send their kids to school. For girls the government offers financial assistance, but boys are more likely to get in.