Presidential Pamphlet

BY: Zach Keller

Constitutional Requirements

- Must be at least 35 years old

- Must be a US resident for 14 years

- Must be a "natural born citizen"


Salary: $400,000

Perks: free transportation, huge home, vacation home

Benefits:Health care, retirement pension of $201,700 per year, lifetime security

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Constitutional powers granted to the President

1. Sign or reject all bills

2. Commander and chief of military

3. Request opinions

4. Grant Reprieves or Pardons

5. Make Treaties

6. Nominate for appointment

7. Fill vacancies

8. Give congress info

9. Convene both house of congress on extraordinary occasions

10. Takes care that all laws are faithfully executed

Powers Categorized

Judicial: 3

Executive: 1,2,3,4,8, 10

Diplomatic: 5,9

Legislative: 4,7

Power most important to me

i feel that making sure that all laws are faithfully executed is most important because i wouldn't want any laws passed that are unfair to us.

Leadership Qualities

1. Leader

2. Vocal

3. Energetic

4. Trust Worthy

5. Passionate

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6 Roles of the President

1. Chief of Staff

2. Chief Executive

3. Chief Administrator

4. Chief Diplomat

5. Commander in Chief

6. Chief Legislator

If I were President

I would handle the gun control issue the same way as Obama is right now. i would make it more difficult to buy guns. i would also do what ever it takes to defeat ISIS.

Current Situation

The issue with ISIS today is a big issue in the world today. They have taken over a lot of the area in the middle east. The are continuing to grow and collect money from many different things. They also have gained some americans to join there cause.

Other than attacks in the middle east, ISIS has started to make attacks in the US including the attack in San Bernardino. These attacks may not have been done without the american ISIS members living here in the US.

Things I would use to solve these problems

I would Be..

- Energetic

- Passionate

- Motivated


- Commander in Chief

- Chief Executive

- Chief Legislator

Constitutional Powers:

- Sign or reject bills

- Commander in Chief of the MIlitary